Upcoming Webinars for 2021

Since we won’t be able to have our EPIC Education Resource Fair this year, we decided to do some virtual webinars.  Our sessions in January are free and open to the public.  Learn more about them here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/epic-homeschool-network-inc-9108539561.

Our sessions in February are for members only and guess what, membership is open for a limited time only.  Click here to learn more about membership.

Join Belinda Bullard from Blessed Heritage for these two great sessions on Tips for Parents Transitioning to Homeschooling as well as Ten Things I Would Say to My Younger Homeschool Self.

About Belinda

Belinda describes herself as a continual work in progress, which also happens to be, with much grace from God, married to her best friend for over 27 years. They have three beautiful children.

She is a homeschool teacher but also taught as a college instructor from 2003-2018. Her most important role is to be a servant for the Most High.

Finally, She is a business owner and writer. God has anointed her to write an American history curriculum and related products that feature the African-American presence in building this great nation.

Learn more about her curriculum, A Blessed Heritage, by visiting her website http://www.blessedheritage.com. You can also follow her on her blog, the Blessed Heritage Chronicles: https://blessedheritagechronicles.com/.

Homeschool Gone Wild Boot Camp – February 2021

Members Only 

How much further would many of us be if we were given the chance as children to follow our interests and have a headstart toward our life’s passion? Unschoolers are insane! That was Karla’s first thought when she began to investigate this phenomenon that soon became her family’s passion. This lifestyle as unschoolers has encouraged discovery and creativity as they live and learn through life. Take a glimpse into this family’s transition from a rigid and dry homeschool into a completely interest-led and enjoyable journey. You will get first-hand experience, tips and strategies to help your homeschool soar. Hold on to your seat and let go of your fears as you jump into the world of interest-led learning. Are you searching for something to revolutionize your homeschool? Are you a parent that wants to encourage your children’s interests and natural talents? This boot camp is for you.

Join us as we have the author Kala Marie Williams guide us through this boot camp. You must be a member to register and view details. Become a member here www.epichsn.org.

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