Parent Help

Here are some parent resources to empower your homeschool.

  • EPIC Homeschool Resource Center – A lending library with homeschool resources.
  • EPIC Homeschool Network Community – A community of homeschoolers that meet for field trips, etc.
  • EPIC Homeschool Network Academy Program – The Academy Program is a branch of EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. and was formed to support parents/guardians who choose to educate their child/ren at home. We provide core classes that would provide grades and credits for school, enrichment classes as well as clubs.
  • EPIC Parent Learning Community– Online resources to help you start your homeschool year strong and even how to create your own homeschool curriculum.
  • No Mommy Left Behind Community – To be supported by a community of homeschool moms in virtual learning and homeschooling. We offer weekly accountability, monthly prizes, gifts, and encouragement in your homeschooling journey.
  • EPIC Sponsors – Our sponsors offer a myriad of services. Check them out to see if they can help you.
  • SPED Homeschool – Support for homeschool parents with special needs students.
  • Understood – Support for any parent with special needs students.
  • EdHelper – Workbooks, Worksheets, Reading Comprehension, Graphic Organizers, Book Reports, etc.

Lesson Plans, Grade Keeping Services

  • Homeschool Tracker – Save time and stay organized with Homeschool Tracker. A flexible, online tool for homeschool record keeping, planning, and reporting. (approx $65 per year – 20 students, 3 teachers)
  • Homeschool Minder – Homeschool Minder helps you organize lessons, assignments, and grading so you can focus on what’s important, education.  (approx $39 per year- unlimited students, 1 teacher)
  • Five J’s Free Gradebook – Gradebook+ is a free gradebook and record-keeping spreadsheet template for homeschool. The mom created Gradebook+ to use for her own high school son, but it can be used for any grade level. It’s easy-to-use and customizable to fit your own homeschool, and detailed instructions for using the spreadsheet template are included.
  • ThinkWave – ThinkWave is a free online gradebook that is intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Flexible grading with points, letter, and custom grades. Custom reports (like attendance) produce beautiful .pdf documents. Student & parent access.

Online Programs

  • BrainPOP– 7 subjects! Great to supplement what you are learning.
  • CK-12100% Free, Personalized Learning for Every Student You can also create digital classrooms, customize textbooks, and learn K-12 STEM concepts.
  • Discovery K12 –  7 standard courses: Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. Over 16,000 Lessons
  • Easy Peasy Homeschool -This program is free.
  • Easy Peasy All in One High School – This program is free
  • Georgia Virtual School Open Education Resource has curriculum for middle school and high school FREE of charge.
  • HippoCampus -5, 700 videos in 13 subject areas-Great for children that learn visually.
  • IXL– Great for Math and English.
  • Khan Academy-has FREE video and practice curriculum for middle and high school students.
  • Outschool – offers unique online classes from hundreds of independent teachers. Their classes meet via group video chat. They are pretty reasonably priced and you can find classes from $10 and more.
  • -This program is a monthly subscription.
  • Starfall– has curriculum for pre-K to first grade and only costs $30 for the YEAR (they also have FREE stuff!)
  • Study.com – has curriculum for high school students that cost $60 a month.
  • Study Island –has curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade and only cost $59 for elementary school.
  • Time4Learning-has curriculum for Pre-K to High School and costs from $20 per month for elementary to $30 per month for high school. This is the best deal I have found for a complete curriculum.
  • North Atlantic Regional High School is based in Auburn, Maine, with our business office in Yakima, Washington. NARHS is a state-authorized private school recognized by the Department of Education and regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools They assist students and their parents to create a customized high school program for each student, whether he or she is attending public school, private school, college classes, or homeschool. For homeschool families, parents decide and direct the content of each course, while fulfilling the requirements for each specific high school credit. Once the student has acquired a minimum of 17.5, he or she is eligible for a high school diploma. However, students graduate with varying numbers of high school credits according to their ability, ambition, and academic goals.
  • Alpha & Omega Academy (accredited) and Monarch (non-accredited)

Traditional Curriculum


Math Resources

  • Illuminations – K-12 this site offers more than 600 online resources (lessons, activities, and games) for free.
  • Teaching Textbooks – In CD format and Textbook /workbook. Many parents swear by this math program, worth checking out.
  • Math Drills Printable worksheets with answers for free.
  • Math Fact Cafe K-5th grade, games, worksheets and more for free.
  • Mathletics-online & app math program
  • Patrick JMT Math being taught through video, great for children who are visual based learners. (middle school-high school) Free
  • Xtra Math Help kids learn the basics of math

Language Arts

  • Free Rice Grammar and Vocabulary practice for K-12, a really cool idea behind this company.
  • Lexia Reading Core5 students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5 online or download
  • Teach Your Monster to Read – This looks so cute!
  • Spelling City Grade K-5 Free Parents can save lists and more.
  • Spelling Workout Workbooks is a series that breaks down each spelling list into easy, doable chunks. No prep needed!



  • Compassion Explorer teaches U.S. children ages 6-10 about the issues of poverty while letting them explore different cultures around the world. This great family resource is packed with stories, fun crafts, recipes, and games. Use Explorer to kick off the conversation
  • Discovery Education
  • The Homeschool Printing Company – deeply discounted printing!
  • Duolingo for the daily practice of many languages. Computer or app.
  • Notebooking Pages: Notebooking is creating and compiling a personalized notebook of learning experiences, new knowledge, insights, sketches, illustrations, creative writing, reflections, and more.
  • PetraLingua Online Language Course – For beginner language learners 5-9 and uses different media to help children learn a new language in an efficient way. You can learn on the go and access your course on your tablet or phone!
  • Read Theory – FREE program for improving reading comprehension.  All students logging in for the first time will need to take a placement pretest, which starts on a third grade level by default. If that material is too difficult, the pretest will immediately adjust to show first and second grade material instead. Similarly, if it’s too easy, the pretest will progressively move up to grades four, five, and beyond.
  • Typing Web – Learn & Teach Typing, Free
  • Typing Club– It is web based, and highly effective. TypingClub is (and will always be) free for both individuals and schools.
  • Tiny Cards it is made by Duolingo! I love using it along with Duolingo.
  • Check out the Rainbow Resource Center. It is by far the most comprehensive center which offers a review on almost ALL the homeschool curriculum out there. You may even email them and ask for a free catalog to be shipped to your home
  • EPIC Sponsors – Our sponsors offer a myriad of services. Check them out to see if they can help you.
  • Need to create your own high school transcript? Click Here Scott Meadows created a FREE GPA Calculator designed specifically for do-it-yourself homeschoolers:
  • Guide for Homeschool Students Transitioning to College