EPIC Growth Program: Helping homeschoolers grow 

The EPIC Growth program is for learners ages 7-18 and was created in partnership with Outschool, Outschool.Org and EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. This program is part of EPIC Homeschool Network and is designed to help homeschoolers grow a love of learning as well as help homeschool families address learning gaps and determine academic growth. Families enrolled in the EPIC … Continue reading EPIC Growth Program: Helping homeschoolers grow 

Standardized Testing in Georgia

Georgia Department of Education Testing Guidelines According to the GDOE : “Students in home study programs shall be subject to an appropriate nationally standardized testing program administered in consultation with a person trained in the administration and interpretation of norm referenced tests. The student must be evaluated at least every three years beginning at the end … Continue reading Standardized Testing in Georgia

10 Things I’d Say to My Younger Homeschool Self Tonight!!!

An ideal session for those who are beginning a homeschool journey, this is a message of encouragement regarding some considerations for those earliest years of home education. Amidst all of the regulations, the curriculum, the co-ops, and the nay-saying relatives, what is that central idea that will keep you focused? And how are you to block out all of the other distractions to your plan? How do you ensure that the kids are thriving in this environment? Nearing the end of her family’s homeschool journey, Belinda will share a personally reflective message that hopefully leaves you excited about the days to come.