EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. has the following program initiatives.  You may support our programs through volunteering your time, talent or resources.  To donate visit our donation page.


This is a new program.  The purpose of the STEAM Program is to enable home school students to experience live space presentation and a hands-on STEAM (science technology engineering arts mathematics) Lab with an Instructor.

EPIC Scholarships Program

The goal of EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. is to provide resources and encourage students to achieve academically.  By providing and academic scholarship, students are extrinsically motivated to do well in school.  By providing a materials scholarship, we help to provide resources to families in need.  By providing an entrepreneur scholarship, we provide resources to encourage students to pursue their dreams beyond the traditional classroom.  As a result, EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. will provide an Academic, Entrepreneur and Materials Scholarships.

  • Academic Scholarships: Scholarships for college, technical college, continuing education will occur annually in May.
  • Materials Scholarships:  Scholarships provided to families to purchase materials/books will occur biannually in January and July.
  • Entrepreneur Scholarship:  Scholarships provided to students who want to open their own business will occur annually in May.

Field Trips PROGRAM

The field trip activities of EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. will center around EPIC values which are Experience, Participate, Imagine, and Connected.

Experience– field trip experiences strategically designed enhance student understanding of the world around them; Participate– field trips designed for students to participate in community service and outreach; Inspire– field trips designed to spark the imagination and creativity; Connect– field trips designed to increase cultural awareness and connection to each other.

EPIC Connections Program

The goal of the EPIC Connections program is to offer hope and a smile for parents and patients in the NICU by providing 240 families with a gift bag containing a book to read to their child as well as teach our own children the responsibility and joy that comes from giving back.

epic education and empowerment Program

The purpose of this program. is to encourage students to achieve academically through programs and workshops, feature monthly topics to educate teachers and keep them up to date on trends in education as well as empower parents to be on the frontlines of their child’s education through programs.

You may support our programs through volunteering your time, talent or resources.  To donate visit our donation page.