Board of Directors

Andrea Hall

Executive Director, President

Andrea Profile

Andrea Hall has a Master of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Math Education.  In the past she has served as the Education Director for another nonprofit organization, Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc..  With over 12 years of experience in education, over 3 years of experience in homeschooling and her experience with nonprofits, Andrea Hall is well equipped to serve as president and executive director of EPIC HOMESCHOOL NETWORK, INC..

Andrea also oversees the Membership Committee who plans EPIC Events (Field Trips, Summer Camps, etc.), communicates with Members.

Damon Hall

Assistant Executive Director, Vice President

Damon1Damon Hall has a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and is a successful entrepreneur. With his background in education Mr. Hall brings solid tools to assist parents in home education.  In addition to this background Damon has raised funds and he is very familiar with the process. Finally Damon’s background as a plumber gives him knowledge of codes, costs of repairs and building structures  from the ground up.

Damon oversees the Fundraising Committee who will create activities to raise funds for the organization from the general public and/or members and serves on the Building Committee.

Alicia Shelly

Financial Director

Alicia ShellyAlicia Shelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and is a Medical Doctor.  She has served as the treasurer for the Oakwood University Alumni Association, Joseph Hinson Chapter.  She is organized and able to maintain and deposit all funds.

Alicia also oversees the Scholarship Committee who is responsible for creating the criteria for each scholarship, establishes timelines for submissions, and evaluates the submissions.


Ulrick Graham



Ulrick Graham holds a BArch (a professional) degree in Architecture from Andrews University. He has experience inDesign, design thinking, information systems, customer service, and entrepreneurship.

Ulrick oversees the Building Committee who searches for facilities and/or seeks contractors to build a facility to meet the specifications of the organization.




Victoria Arnold


Victoria Arnold is a recent graduate of Georgia State University with a Associate of Arts degree in Theatre.  Victoria is currently a volunteer at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Victoria’s background in Theatre has given her several opportunities to work with children of all ages. She knows what it takes to bring children together through music, speech, and dance. Victoria brings creativity and innovative ideas to Epic Homeschool Network.

Rochelle Carter Petty


In addition to being an award-winning entrepreneur of 7 years, Rochelle Carter-Petty has participated on several nonprofit boards over the years in leadership capacity. She has been a board member for Women Entrepreneur’s of Oregon, Portland’s First Leadership and Entrepreneurship Charter High School, Edunology, and the Multnomah County Friends of the Library.  Combined with her 10+ years of lauded project management and Human Resources background, she offers a wealth of leadership experience that can both support the President and manage the nonprofit when necessary.

Rochelle also oversees the Marketing/Advertisement Committee which handles marketing materials, website and PR.

Dacia LaDonis