About Andrea Hall

Andrea Hall

Hello!  I am a homeschool mom and teacher-author living near Atlanta, GA.  When I am not running EPIC Homeschool Network or homeschooling my kids, you can find me creating activities and curriculum in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Andrea Hall is the founder and executive director of EPIC Homeschool Network. She started helping other people homeschool their kids in 2008, graduating one child from High School. She then started homeschooling her own children in 2012. Her passion is helping families homeschool with clarity and confidence and she continues to speak and share this passion wherever she goes.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education from Oakwood University as well as a Master of Science degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University. She continues to utilize these skills as a certified math educator who teaches and tutors mathematics while also creating curriculum materials in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

She is married to Damon Hall and a mother of three amazing kids.

When she is not homeschooling or working, her hobbies include sleeping, reading, and journaling.

Andrea knows what it’s like to feel anxious, unfocused, and overwhelmed. She brings her wealth of knowledge as a busy, working, homeschooling mom to provide support and clarity to other families in their homeschooling journey.

Past Speaking Engagements

Andrea Hall has spoken at the following conventions, expos, and summits.

  • 2022 Third Annual Black Family Homeschool Educators & Scholars Virtual Teach-In
  • 2022, 2021 Outschool EdVenture Conference 
  • 2022, 2021, 2020-2018 Southeast Homeschool Expo
  • 2021 North Carolina Home Educators Thrive Conference 
  • 2020-2018 Epic Education Resource Fair
  • 2019 Teach Them Diligently Back to Homeschool Virtual Event
  • 2018 Not Back to School Summit
  • 2018 HECOA Special Needs Conference

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Here are some of Andrea Hall’s presentation topics.

Home Education

Ten Principles of True Education

Did you know that there is a purpose for education that is more than just a diploma.  In this session we will explore the purpose of True Education, identify the ten principles of true education and learn the tools necessary to achieve this purpose.

How to Start a Homeschool Group

So you’re homeschooling and you’re worried about the big S question…SOCIALIZATION. You’ve looked at the groups around but you can’t seem to find one that works for your family. Have you considered starting your own homeschool group? In this session Andrea Hall will share how she started South Cobb Homeschoolers which has now become EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc., a nonprofit designed to enrich, enhance, and empower home education in the community. Learn how you can start your own and get support from the network.

Working Homeschool Moms: How you can be a Working Mom Pro

You want to homeschool, but you need to work too. Can you do it all? Yes you can! In this session you will discover how a mom of three, teaching at two different online schools, director of a nonprofit and owner of a learning solutions company finds time to balance work, home and school. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Real World Math for Homeschoolers

Math is much more than a set of problems in a textbook. Math is all around us, but how do we get our children and ourselves it? In this session you will learn how you can teach real world math to your child through everyday activities. We will tackle not only the basics, but the more advanced levels of mathematics.

Start Strong:  How to Start the Homeschool Year Right

Are you new to homeschooling? Are you tired of going round and round in circles with no clarity or direction in your homeschool? Join us as we talk about 10 steps to starting the homeschool year right with Andrea Hall, M.Ed. a veteran homeschool parent of three, a certified educator and learning solutions specialist.

How to Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Do you need help planning or creating your own homeschool curriculum? Join us as we dive into curriculum with Andrea Hall, M.Ed. a veteran homeschool parent of three, a certified educator and learning solutions specialist.

How to Keep Your Mom Focus

You have the very best plans laid out for your homeschool, you are excited, you are motivated!  However, something happens as you put your plans into action and you loose focus.  Discover 5 techniques to keep your mom focus during the school year.

Math Education

Making Math Magic Online

Discover the multiple ways you can teach math on online as well as tech tools every math teacher should know about.