Mom’s Night Out: Homeschooling During the Holidays with Yolanda Pugh

Welcome to this holiday edition of Mom’s Night Out: Homeschooling During the Holidays with Yolanda Pugh! Yolanda is a wife, mom, business owner, and homeschool parent, her youngest child graduating with both their high school diploma and their Associate’s degree this May! Yolanda is a math teacher and has taught and tutored math for over … Continue reading Mom’s Night Out: Homeschooling During the Holidays with Yolanda Pugh

It’s About Time Blog Series

Join us this October as we get to know 10 Homeschooling Moms and their families. Each mom will share how they juggle their time and the tools they have found to help them in their homeschooling They will also share their best time management tips.


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4 Tips to Organize Your Homeschool with Dr. Melanie Wilson!

It was such a pleasure getting to chat with Dr. Melanie Wilson, the woman behind the brilliant homeschooling blog and support group,  Psycho With 6 (don’t let the curious title fool you, she is anything but crazy!) and author of The Organized Homeschool Life. I met Melanie several years ago on Periscope while searching for … Continue reading 4 Tips to Organize Your Homeschool with Dr. Melanie Wilson!

Seven Pillars of a Life Giving Home

Tiffany invites us to redefine the term “home,” moving beyond the physical space in which we dwell. As a homemaker, Tiffany has created a home in which the Gospel is on display every day. She views the home as a sanctuary for her family, a place of refuge in which they feel embraced, appreciated, and accepted. A life-giving home is one that brings the family closer to the Lord, and creates an opportunity for others – neighbors, friends, extended family – to know the Lord as well.

It’s About Time Dee!

As I write this blog post about time management, I’m smiling (and crying) inside at the irony of it all. The fact is, I’m sitting down to write at 12:30 a.m. because I have “no time” during daylight hours to write. But in all seriousness, I know I’m not alone in this, as we mamas juggle many things every day, constantly trying to do it all.

It’s About Time Belinda!

I did not always want to homeschool. I went to school for chemical engineering and worked in the field. I worked at a plant then became a training manager. When we began seriously thinking about homeschooling, I was pregnant with our third child. I knew I was leaving my current employer, but I was disappointed when the only opportunities that chased me—literally—were part-time.