Homeschool Q&A Panel

Homeschool Q & A SessionHave you been thinking about homeschooling but you still have questions?  Are you already homeschooling but are wondering if you are doing enough?  Do you wonder if your kids will get into college or wonder about their future?  Do you have a list of questions but no one to ask?  This Homeschool Q & A Panel is just for you.

Join Andrea Hall & Friends for the Homeschool Q&A Panel discussion on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 2 p.m. at 2020 Annual EPIC Education Resource Fair.   During this time we will answer your questions on homeschooling and other alternatives to the classroom.  If your child is not succeeding in the classroom OR if the classroom is not challenging your child enough, come and learn about all the options out there to support your learner and ask questions. The panel will feature veteran homeschool parents who have graduated students to college, have backgrounds in dealing with students with special needs, former homeschoolers who are now homeschooling themselves and more. 

Hear from speakers such as Judy Sarden and Jennifer Henn who have spoken at large homeschool conferences around the nation. Or from published author, former homeschooler and now homschooling parent Fred Bussey. Ask questions with the experience of Tameika Meadows, who has over 15 years experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis treatment to children and adolescents with Autism and related Developmental Disabilities, across home, school, and clinic treatment settings. Glean from the experience of Tanya Spann, a former homschool mom of four.

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On the Panel

Andrea Hall

andrea-5 (1)

Andrea Hall is the founder and executive director of EPIC HOMESCHOOL NETWORK, INC. as well as a certified math teacher. She is a busy, working, homeschooling mom of three who has been homeschooling since 2012.

You can follow Andrea Hall online at

Fredrick Bussey


Fredrick D. Bussey is a writer, speaker, coach, creative, serial entrepreneur and… a product of home education. He just published his first book, Breaking Orbit: Rip Out Of The Regular By Unearthing The Power Within! 

Fredrick has worked for more than 15 years in the Music Entertainment industry as a Songwriter, Producer, Publicist, Marketing Director, and Artist Manager, spanning the Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, and Pop genres. Having launched several businesses, including IconStatus, a digital marketing and branding agency, he is currently developing several other ventures as well.

He has a strong passion for working with youth – especially those in underprivileged circumstances. Passionate about helping others to develop the skill sets to become successful, while attaining the freedom that entrepreneurship provides, Fredrick is a frequent speaker & presenter at schools and events. It is his belief that his purpose in life is helping others to discover and master their gift for their ultimate purpose.

Currently, Fredrick resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children.

Learn more about him at

Freya Fitzpatrick

Freya 2Freya Fitzpatrick is one of the home school teachers at The Homeschool Consortium in Kennesaw, GA.  With a Masters in Education, Freya has 38 years’ experience in education, including bilingual instruction in Sweden, public and private education in the US, running a daycare, tutoring, substitute teaching, and homeschooling her two children from Kindergarten through 12th grade. One daughter is a police officer in Kennesaw and the other earned her PhD and runs her own research lab at Rutgers University, NJ.

Freya is a private pilot, fluent in four languages, and has lived and worked in the United States, South Africa, Sweden, Germany and the Ukraine and now lives in Marietta with her husband.

You can find her here:

Jennifer Henn

Jennifer Henn

Jennifer Henn believes you need to have fun with homeschool, but is also serious about learning. A heavy load of textbook work isn’t necessary. She keeps math and language arts as the highest importance. Then, combines learning styles and grade levels by reading great books, working through extended projects, hands-on activities, and field trips. That’s how Jennifer brings a balanced approach to homeschool. She can’t wait to show you how!

You can learn more by visiting

Judy Sarden

Judy Head Shot

Judy Sarden has been a corporate attorney and entrepreneur for over twenty years.  After feeling the need to home educate her children, Judy left her corporate legal job and began working for herself at home as a contract attorney, entrepreneur, business advisor, writer and career coach.  She is passionate about families developing an entrepreneurial spirit and teaching kids to think entrepreneurially.

An avid supporter of home education, Judy encourages all families, and especially those with African American children, to consider educating their children at home.  Recognizing that many families need two incomes, Judy works with parents to help them discover how best to use their talents to generate income.  Judy is a wife and mother of 2 children, who have been homeschooled since the oldest began kindergarten.

During her 8 years of homeschooling, she has changed homeschool styles and curriculum several times, but after a couple of years, discovered what works best for her family and loves the adventure.

Judy is author of Sarden’s Practical Guide: How to Start Homeschooling. She has been a featured speaker at the Great Homeschool Conventions in Dallas, Greenville, S.C., Cincinnati, St. Louis and Ontario, California.  She will be speaking at their Cincinnati (Midwest) and California conventions in 2020.

You can find Judy at, in her Facebook group “How to Homeschool,” on YouTube at, and weekly on her podcast, “The How to Homeschool Podcast,” available here – – or on iTunes and wherever you listen to podcasts.    

Tanya Spann

A former homeschool mom of four children, three of which have graduated and are in college or grad school, one of which just returned to the traditional classroom.  She provides a balanced approach to homeschooling while reinforcing that every child is unique.

Tameika Meadows, M. Ed., BCBA


Tameika Meadows, M.Ed., Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area and has over 15 years experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis treatment to children and adolescents with Autism and related Developmental Disabilities, across home, school, and clinic treatment settings.

Ms. Meadows obtained her graduate degree in School Psychology from Georgia Southern University in 2008, and she currently specializes in early intervention services, Functional Communication Training, as well as intensive parent training/family support.

Ms. Meadows is the creator of the blog & resource website, which is accessed daily by thousands of people all over the world. Through her website Ms. Meadows provides simple and practical information, strategies, and tips, designed for ASD children, but also helpful for any child with behavioral or learning challenges.

Ms. Meadows has also authored multiple Applied Behavior Analysis books and manuals, such as: “101 Ways to do ABA”, a resource guide for parents and therapists; “From A to Z: Teaching Skills to Children with Autism”, a resource guide for educators; and “A Manual: Creating an Autism Intervention Program”, a resource guide for practice owners.



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Spring 2020 EPIC Homeschool Running Club


The EPIC Running Club is a twelve week program.  We are proud member of Atlanta Track Club’s Kilometer Kids, a free, game oriented running program designed to get kids active! The mission of Kilometer Kids is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to area youth through a running-based program, empowering children with the knowledge they need to make smart lifestyle choices.

We meet weekly at a park in Cobb County on Tuesdays starting January 21 – April 28, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. Location details are on our membership site.

You must be a registered member of EPIC HSN to participate ( If you are interested sign up and you will be contacted regarding membership.

The cost is free or $14 per person depending on your insurance preference.

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Face to Face Homeschool Academy Options (Georgia)


There are many online options to support homeschooling but what about some good ole fashion face to face options?  While EPIC Homeschool Network offers field trips and enrichment activities, we do not offer formal classes (right now).  So if you find yourself needing some face to face Georgia homeschool academy options, we have compiled a simple list below.  If we missed one, please let us know in the comments and we will update the list.  Our favorite pick is Inspire Homeschool Academy, the others are listed in alphabetical order.

Inspire Homeschool Academy

(Cobb County & Surrounding Areas)

Inspire Homeschool Academy

Call 678-675–7240 Website:

Inspire Homeschool Academy is a one day a week (Tuesdays) non-denominational Christian program dedicated to meeting the needs of the traditional homeschooling family.

Inspire comes from the Greek word theopneustos

Word Origin – from theos and pnéō

theos – God  pnéō – breathed-out
Definition: God-breathed, inspired by God


Amplify Homeschool Enrichment

(Cobb County)

Amplify Homeschool is a resource for families looking for their homeschool tribe. We offer an immersive unit study and project-based learning model in our classes and a welcoming, inclusive community for you and your family.

Arrows Academy

Arrows Academy provides two full days of classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, covering a variety of subjects.   Students complete assignments at home the rest of the week under parental supervision.  Please see our curriculum maps under Classes to find out more about subjects and curriculum for each grade level.

Artios Academies

(Multiple Campuses)

For over 30 years, the leadership of Artios has been partnering with parents to guide every student to his or her fullest potential in Christ.  From the youngest ages through high school, we emphasize the development of a Biblical worldview, especially as it relates to cultural literacy in the arts and encourage awareness of how the arts have impacted society.

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy is a unique educational model, a University-Model® school, which is designed to bring together the best attributes of traditional public and private schools as well as independent study and integrate them into one model.

Eagles Nest Christian Home Educators Association

Eagle’s Nest Christian Home Educators’ Association is a support group for home educators in Coweta County and surrounding counties in Georgia.

Eagle’s Nest has a membership of approximately 330 home school families. Members participate in a wide variety of activities. Eagle’s Nest parents have also coordinated their talents to form weekly co-ops, which offer an even greater variety of activities for their children.

Hearts Academy of Excellence

The mission of  Hearts Academy of Excellence (also known as Trinity Home’s Cool Depot) is as follows: to equip home school families, community, parents, and students with the requisite tutorial classes, support groups, resources and enrichment programs.

Home of Fine Arts Connection


HOME of Fine Arts Connection, better known simply as HOME, meets weekly on Thursdays from August through the end of April.  HOME provides those students who are home educated,  the opportunity to explore the many areas of fine arts.

The Homeschool Consortium


A secular co-op serving NW Metro Atlanta.  A community of people, from a wide range of worldviews and religions, all committed to learning to treat each other with respect.  Meets on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Konos Academy


Konos is a hybrid education program supporting home schooling families by offering classically rich, accredited academic classes within the context of God-honoring community. At the core of Konos is a one-day classical education program taught by experienced and invested teaching staff.

Master’s Academy

Serving the homeschool community since 1997, Master’s Academy Arts & Academics in Marietta, GA, offers programs in fine arts (music, art, history and drama) on Mondays and classical academics on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Metro Academic Studies

Metro Academic Studies offers à la carte classes Mondays and Wednesdays to 6th-12th grade home-educated students. Classes are led by qualified, experienced instructors teaching within a Christian worldview.

Paragon Cooperative Learning Academy


PCLA offers classes for homeschool students in Newton, Rockdale, Henry Counties, and the surrounding area. Our program is designed to enrich your homeschool environment. Our goal is to not only promote learning through academic excellence and achievement, but also provide the opportunity to develop lasting friendships between home-educated students.  Paragon Academy offers Accreditation with PCLA classes or Accreditation only for homeschoolers.

Summit Academy

(Multiple Campuses)

Classes to supplement your work as home educators, provided in a safe, friendly, convenient place for your students to learn from instructors you pay directly.

Tandem EDU

(Multiple Campuses)

TandemEDU takes the fear out of home schooling high school for Georgia parents. Our unique educational approach allows students to complete four years of coursework while achieving a high school diploma, a college degree, strong friendships, and a Godly worldview. TandemEDU students meet weekly and receive quality instruction in high school classes and course proctoring for college courses.

True North Homeschool

True North School’s commitment is to parents who believe in Christ and a good education. We want to unite these families with a qualified teaching team who have a heart for the Lord, what they teach and the children they teach. Instructors share their knowledge in various core and elective courses.

Vantage Point Education


We provide a unique academic concept to complement, enhance and support an individualized education for each student.   Our students receive a comprehensive superior-quality educational experience.

Still looking for more resources in Georgia?  Click here

Don’t forget to let us know if we missed one in the comments below!