New Homeschoolers

So you want to homeschool and you don’t know where to start. Here are 5 things to help you get up and running if you live in the state of Georgia. Please note that these are suggestions!

  1. First, think about the reason you want to homeschool. What is your vision? Do you want to homeschool because you don’t like the school’s curriculum, environment, or all of the above? If you like the curriculum and not the environment you might want to consider Public Virtual Charter Schools which would NOT require for you to complete a Declaration of Intent. Click here to read more about Public Virtual Charter Schools. You can get a really good view into what it takes to homeschooling by checking out our Starting the Homeschool Year Right course.
  2. If you are still inclined to homeschool and not go the Public Virtual Charter School route, the next step is to complete the Declaration of Intent from the Georgia Department of Education (Click Here) – Make sure to print it and safe the form. You can use this to get discounts, etc. and you will also need it for your records.
  3. Go to your child’s school and show them your printed out version of the Declaration of Intent and formally withdraw your child from school.
  4. Now what? Start the 10 Days to Homeschooling challenge here. It will help you write your vision for your homeschool and choose your curriculum. Click here for a list of curriculum options and resources.Join us live as we talk about 10 steps to start homeschool with Andrea Hall, M.Ed. a veteran homeschool parent of three, a certified educator, and a learning solutions specialist.

    Bring your questions and get answers!

  5. Find a homeschool support group. EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. services students in the metro Atlanta Area. Join us. We have monthly meetings and field trips. We even have a yearbook. Click here to learn more and join!

Helpful Links

EPIC Parent Learning Community – A collection of online courses to support families in homeschooling. Click here to learn more>>

10 Days to Homeschooling Challenge – This challenge guides you step by step as you get started in your homeschooling journey. Click here to learn more>>

No Mommy Left Behind Community – To be supported by a community of homeschool moms in virtual learning and homeschooling. We offer weekly accountability, monthly prizes, gifts, and encouragement in your homeschooling journey.  Click here to learn more>>

Choosing a Curriculum

Option 1: You can choose to “Do It Yourself” and continue using your child’s syllabus. If so then check out the Curriculum Guidance links.
    1. All Georgia Curriculum Standards –
    2. Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades K-5 –
    3. Georgia Mathematics Educator Forum: Grades 6-8 – English Language Arts Educator Forum: Grades K-5 –
    4. Georgia English Language Arts Educator Forum: Grades 6-8 –
Option 2: Use supporting websites such as the following.
    1. Khan Academy – has FREE video and practice curriculum for middle and high school students.
    2. Outschool – offers unique online classes from hundreds of independent teachers. Their classes meet via group video chat. They are pretty reasonably priced and you can find classes from $10 and more.
    3. Starfall – has curriculum for pre-K to first grade and only costs $30 for the YEAR (they also have FREE stuff!)
    4. Time 4 – has curriculum for Pre-K to High School and costs from $20 per month for elementary to $30 per month for high school. This is the best deal I have found for a complete curriculum. If you use them tell them Andrea Hall sent you!
    5. Study Island has curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade and only cost $25 per month for elementary school or $200 per year.
    6. Georgia Virtual School Open Education Resource has curriculum for middle school and high school FREE of charge.
    7. Study.com – has curriculum for high school students that cost $60 a month.
    8. North Atlantic Regional High School is based in Auburn, Maine, with our business office in Yakima, Washington. NARHS is a state-authorized private school recognized by the Department of Education and regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools They assist students and their parents to create a customized high school program for each student, whether he or she is attending public school, private school, college classes, or homeschool. For homeschool families, parents decide and direct the content of each course, while fulfilling the requirements for each specific high school credit. Once the student has acquired a minimum of 17.5, he or she is eligible for a high school diploma. However, students graduate with varying numbers of high school credits according to their ability, ambition, and academic goals.
Option 3: One-stop shop curriculum! One-stop shop curriculum include traditional homeschool programs which require you to pay for their curriculum and resources such as Griggs University & International Academy ( and A Beka Book Homeschool ( ) to name a few but there are other options that are even more inexpensive and/or free.

Check out the Rainbow Resource Center. It is by far the most comprehensive center which offers a review on almost ALL the homeschool curriculum out there. You may even email them and ask for a free catalog to be shipped to your home.