Tips for Navigating Homeschool Conventions

It’s that time of year when homeschool conventions are well on their way (Click here to see the events in Atlanta, GA in May and July).  If you have never been to one, it is truly an inspiring, rewarding, and at times overwhelming experience.  If you attend with no goal or vision or budget in mind you might find yourself swept away.

As a result we created a FREE Homeschool Convention Planner to help you navigate the exhibit hall and the multiple sessions.  Here’s how to use it.

Curriculum Budget


On the first page you will see the Curriculum Budget which we sometimes call the Exhibit Hall Planner sheet.  Homeschool Conventions are great places to attend workshops but the biggest blessing could be the Exhibit Hall where you can get great deals on curriculum.  However, there are so many options that if you do not have a game plan, you will lose yourself.  The Curriculum Budget sheet allows you to break down how much you intend to spend on each subject for each child.  We suggest you do some preliminary research to check out the going rate on what you desire.  We also suggest you think about your child’s learning style before you go out on a purchasing binge and get something that you will never use.  Google “Learning Style Quiz for Kids” and you will come up with several free options.

Convention Session Schedule


On the second page you will find the Convention Session Schedule for each day.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner have been put to remind you to eat and slots for sessions as well.  It is suggested that you have two (2) choices for each slot for two (2) reasons.  First, the session you want could be full and you might not be able to get in.  Second, the session you attend could be boring (WhAT??  It happens 🙂 ) and you would want a back up.  There is also space at the bottom for notes or additional items.

We hope you find this planner helpful.  To download the complete Homeschool Convention Planner click here.  What are some of the tips you have for navigating Homeschool Conventions?  Please share below.


4 thoughts on “Tips for Navigating Homeschool Conventions

  1. Chrissy Stump says:

    This looks like a great idea! I’m always so disorganized at the convention that I attend every year here in Marietta. So I am gonna try this method of having a planner when I go there in July! Thank you for posting this:)


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