Chronicles of an EPIC Homeschooler by Tumeka Slaton


We all homeschool in different ways!

Join us as we take a peek into the homeschool of one of our members, Tumeka Slaton!

How We Homeschool

Morning Walk Time

Our day begins with a morning walk with my crew to get them on one accord before we begin our homeschool day!

Bible Study Time

After our Morning walk is Bible study with my crew. These are our Bible study Bible’s.

Breakfast Time

Our kiddos each take turns preparing meals for our family. We use cookbooks that I have collected at various thrift stores and yard sales.


Time 4 Learning

We are using the Time4 Learning curriculum. We usually complete our Time4 Learning work from 9:30 am to 12 pm. This allows us to do interest-based learning activities after lunchtime until they go to bed. We paint, do word puzzles, word searches, quiet reading time, sewing classes, martial arts, financial literacy, etc.


Lunch Time

Reading Time

We then have 45 minutes of quiet reading time after lunch.


Hands-On Time

My kiddos love science experiments and hands-on activities. So, we’re using these to add some fun to our science curriculum.

As you can tell, homeschooling gives you the flexibility to do so much!  How do you homeschool?

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