Filling the Summer Months


Sponsored Post by Club Z Tutoring

For many children, the summer months can be a time of boredom, filled with long hours of mindless video games and unimaginative television watching.   Studies have shown that students can lose anywhere between one to three months of learning over the summer break, especially in the areas of math and reading.

With state budgets stretching barely enough to fund remedial skills, students who otherwise depended on summer school courses for accelerated or enrichment classes may, too, find themselves out of luck.  Other children will depend on daycare as their only means of recreation.  Shari Smith, Area Director of Club Z! East Cobb’s location, explains, “Parents keep expressing concern that their children will have nothing to do and nothing to learn over the summer.  They are looking for affordable alternatives.  Fortunately, Club Z! can help.”

The tutors at Club Z! In-home tutoring understands both parents’ and students’ frustrations and know that continuing education over the summer break is the key to a positive school year ahead.  It is a chance for children to master important skills or to further explore areas of interest in a fun, creative way, with individualized attention.

Summer tutoring with a Club Z! teacher will:

  • rebuild self-esteem that was battered by bad grades from the previous school year.
  • close the achievement gap by helping students catch up and get ahead before the start of the new school year.
  • prepare high school students with the strategies, skills, and confidence to take upcoming ACT and SAT tests.
  • reinforce skills for children with learning disabilities, who might otherwise lose skills from a 2-3-month separation from formal learning.
  • provide money-saving enrichment and accelerated learning opportunities outside of traditional daycare.
  • enable students to master benchmarks necessary for passing state reading, writing, and math standardized tests.
  • allow kids to explore and develop the skill areas they find interesting, such as art, music, foreign language, and more!

Club Z! summer sessions offer uninterrupted, individualized tutoring as often as parents choose — 2, 3 or more times a week.  Club Z! also offers in-home tutoring in all core subjects, including reading, math, science, as well as instruction in study skills, music, computers, SAT, ACT and other assessment test preparation.

Find out more about how Club Z! can enhance your child’s summer by visiting our web site at: or by calling 678-214-3510.   Ask how your child can receive a free session of tutoring!



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