Have you tried WHAM lately?

WHAM! Are you serious?

Yes, why yes we are! WHAM stands for Weekly Homeschool Accountability Meetings.

This school year, EPIC Homeschool Network was able to partner with No Mommy Left Behind to pilot an inaugural program – Weekly Homeschool Accountability Meetings (WHAM), sometimes referred to as No Mommy Left Behind for those who have a WHAM aversion.

During this program, homeschool moms met via Zoom every Sunday morning for one hour to work on their homeschool goals, plans or to simply bounce ideas off one another.

Here’s how the WHAM sessions worked:

  • When the moms attended the meeting, we welcomed each other, talked about the wins from the last week, and asked a few questions if there were any (we tried to keep this to 15 minutes or less).
  • Next, we stated our goal for the session and got to work. We worked quietly at the same time to accomplish what we needed to in our home and/or homeschool.
  • Every week the we attended, our name was entered in for a random prize drawing. So the more we showed up, the better our chances to win! The prizes ranged from free copies of books like Teens Gone Wild to microgreen kits to gift cards.

It was simple, yet amazing.

Moms also engaged in monthly webinars with guest speakers and did a Homeschool Gone Wild Boot Camp (all materials included) as part of the No Mommy Left Behind program.


Here is what some of our moms had to say:

I appreciate the Homeschool accountability meetings because it keeps me on schedule.  Even though I have to get up early on a Sunday morning, it is worth the get up time because I am ready and prepared for the week.


I will say that the Accountability Call helps me get my life together.   As a busy mom of four, three still in the household, and I assist four friends with their homeschooling needs, I need a time that I can set aside for me to get everything together and be organized.  So Andrea, I really appreciate you pulling us together and giving us this opportunity to come together to bounce ideas off each other.  This really has been a game changer in my homeschooling.


For me personally, it was a Godsend! So often I found myself working on everything else for everyone else but putting my homeschool on the back burner. The Weekly Homeschool Accountability Meetings helped me to stop doing that. I have never been more focused on my homeschool as I have this past year.

The best part is, EPIC Homeschool Network members were able to get the program free thanks to a grant we were able to secure and next year, it will be no different.

If you are not a member of EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc., you’re missing out! Sign up today by going to https://epichsn.mn.co/

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