3 FREE Resources to Help Teach the 2020 Elections in Your Homeschool

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is Election Day. No matter what political party you are a part of, this is a great season to teach Civics (the study of the rights and duties of citizenship) in your homeschool. Specifically, the election process and voting.

Here are three resources to help you teach your child about elections.


iCivics was founded Justice O’Connor and “works to ensure every student in America receives a quality and engaging civic education and graduates from high school well prepared and enthusiastic for citizenship”. They have a lot of lessons and resources for civics in general and have created a specific page just for the 2020 elections. Go to https://www.icivics.org/election to learn more.


Nearpod is a free tool to that allows you to use engaging media and formative assessments to make every lesson interactive. iCivics created lessons on Nearpod so all you need to do is create an account, use the link below to find the lessons and it is ready for you to use.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media has created The Election Collection which is exactly that, a collection of resources to help students of all ages understand the election process. It has videos on the Basics of Elections that you can assign to your Google Classroom and so much more.

What are you using to teach the 2020 Elections in your homeschool?

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