It’s About Time Blog Series

Join us this October as we get to know 10 Homeschooling Moms and their families. Each mom will share how they juggle their time and the tools they have found to help them in their homeschooling They will also share their best time management tips.

Whether you’re considering homeschooling, or you’re in the trenches already, come be encouraged, and know that you’re not alone!

Though the series will launch in October, you can join us NOW in the Homeschool Moms Hangout community. 

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3 thoughts on “It’s About Time Blog Series

  1. Zahara Grant Floyd (Helen) says:

    Can you please tell me I am still on the list for the blog writing? I have not seen or maybe I am confusing it with a different subject, but I don’t see my name listed and don’t remember when I am supposed to have my report ready. I don’t see the calendar.


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