Ultimate Resource Guide for Homeschoolers – FAQs

I am new to homeschooling.  How do I get started?

New to Homeschooling?  Click Here

Do you have a list of resources to use to help me homeschool?

View our complete list here: epichsn.com/resources/ 

I need to create my own high school transcript for college applications etc.  Where can I go?

Need to create your own high school transcript?  Click Here

Scott Meadows created a FREE GPA Calculator designed specifically for do-it-yourself homeschoolers: http://www.FastTranscripts.com/gpa.php 

 I am looking for training to help me homeschool and create my own curriculum.

Go to our online academy at https://epichsn.teachable.com

I am looking for a tutor or school to help me homeschool.

Check out our amazing sponsors who offer all kinds of services at https://epichsn.com/membership/business-members/