10 Ways to Avoid Homeschool Stress

Young Woman Thinking

Are you running around with your head chopped off?  Have you found yourself wondering, “What did I get myself into?”  Have you recently asked the question, “Am I stressed or blessed?” when it comes to homeschooling?

I was at a GHEA Conference a few years ago when I heard a speaker Sharon Grimes talk about how to avoid being stressed out. As I reviewed my notes, I realize that this was something I needed to revisit and share with everyone.

10 Ways to Avoid Homeschool Stress

  1. Don’t neglect your morning manna.
    • No Bible then No Breakfast/Facebook/TV.
  2. Keep the right relationship with your family
    • Your Spouse- have a regular date-time together and be creative NOT expensive, have a “weekend to remember” once a year.
    • Your Children- remember that children ARE your MOST important work.
  3. Remember WHY you are homeschooling.
    • Deuteronomy 6:4-7- If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them NOT to.
  4. Choose a curriculum that will work for YOU and for EACH child.
    • There is no such thing as the “PERFECT” curriculum.  Pray and ask God to help you.
    • Jeremiah 33:3.
    • What are your homeschool goals?
    • What is your child’s learning style?
    • What is your budget?
    • Control your curriculum, and don’t let it control you!
  5. Schedule your priorities FIRST; Then just say NO!
  6. Discipline your children.
    • Proverbs 1:7,8
  7. Discipline YOURSELF!  Get Organized!
    • Plan your menus a week in advance
    • Homeschool year-round
    • Plan in pencil.
  8. Be Flexible!
    • Don’t be so structure and organized that you don’t put people first.
    • Only Christ was perfect.
  9. Don’t let your housework become overwhelming.
  10. Find Support!! Don’t isolate yourself.

As I typed this up, I was reminded that I am blessed to homeschool my children.  They are God’s gift to me, and I will appreciate it every day!

How do you avoid being stressed out in homeschooling?

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