2017 EPIC Materials Scholarship Winner


Meet Cassandra, the first winner of our annual EPIC Materials Scholarship.  Cassandra won our annual $100 scholarship offered to members of EPIC Homeschool Network. To learn more about membership go to www.epichsn.org.

Cassandra decided to apply for the EPIC Materials Scholarship because she thought it would be quite helpful in providing resources for homeschooling her children.

She is using the EPIC Materials Scholarship to create a school room for her children to use. She expressed how she would use the scholarship to purchase some book shelves for her children. This would allow her to store their supplies and organize their books. This would also open up the opportunity for her to get more books since she would have the space for them. She used the remaining balance to purchase some educational posters for the walls.

Her goal was to provide a more exciting and organized environment for her children to be able to learn.

Upon receiving her scholarship Cassandra expressed her deepest thanks:

Thank you so much for the scholarship. It has allowed us to start getting some excellent resources for the coming year.

If you would like to learn more about the EPIC Scholarships visit https://epichsn.com/scholarships/. 

If you would like to support the mission of EPIC Homeschool Network, please consider joining or making a donation.


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