Welcome to EPIC

Welcome to EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. (EPIC HSN), a community designed to enrich, enhance and empower home education.  EPIC HSN began April 28, 2016 and is a registered nonprofit organization in the state of Georgia.  We have an EPIC vision and mission and we hope that you will join our team.

We meet at least twice a month with field trips and activities.  Our highlights includes an Annual Awards Ceremony as well as professional yearbooks.

Our membership dues include the cost of  the yearbook,  as well as supporting expenses for the awards ceremony. To join us please email epichsn@gmail.com.

Our mission is to enrich, enhance and empower home education in the community.

We provide tools and resources, experiences and services for educators, parents, and students in pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade to extend their learning beyond the traditional classroom. 

This shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • encourage students to achieve academically through programs and workshops.
  • provide field trips and summer camps to enhance the learning experiences.
  • feature monthly topics to educate teachers and keep them up to date on trends in education.
  • create a center equipped with a resource library, a teacher’s workroom, a science lab, computer lab , as well as an indoor and outdoor play area.
  • empower parents to be on the front lines of their child’s education through programs.

For more information call Andrea Hall at 678-744-3407 or email epichsn@gmail.com.

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